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2010 Top San Diego Money Managers

The top San Diego money management firms with more than $1 billion in assets under management based on SEC regulatory filings as of June 12, 2010.

Firm Name Location Assets Under Management
Brandes Investment Partners, LP San Diego $53,111,776,127
Pacific Corporate Group LLC La Jolla $19,823,150,992
Guided Choice Asset Management, Inc. San Diego $19,238,786,500
PCG Asset Management, LLC La Jolla $19,203,420,729
Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management LLC San Diego $9,916,244,833
Gurtin Fixed Income Management, LLC Solana Beach $6,747,183,972
Relational Investors LLC San Diego $6,033,534,431
Chandler Asset Management Inc San Diego $5,005,221,338
Globeflex Capital LP San Diego $4,182,000,000
LM Capital Group, LLC San Diego $4,010,525,407
Clarivest Asset Management LLC San Diego $1,800,000,000
First Allied Securities, Inc. San Diego $1,654,019,937
Stolper & Co., Inc. San Diego $1,574,982,908
Wall Street Associates La Jolla $1,528,000,000
Dowling & Yahnke, LLC San Diego $1,473,382,112
Denali Advisors, LLC La Jolla $1,274,412,604
Rice Hall James & Associates LLC San Diego $1,203,218,265
Caywood-Scholl Capital Management LLC San Diego $1,094,183,050
Independent Financial Group, LLC San Diego $1,043,692,374
Macquarie Funds Management Carlsbad $1,005,232,323

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SD Pension Says Alec Gores Carries Headline Risk

Updated to note pension’s conclusion that publicity has not affected returns.

Alec Gores

The board of the $7.3 billion San Diego County pension fund is slated to vote Thursday on a $50 million investment in billionaire Alec Gores’ latest private equity fund, Gores Capital Partners III.

In a memo to the board, SCDERA notes that Alec Gores carries some “headline risk” as he and his relatives have “attracted some media attention, possibly because of Mr. Gores’ being a successful businessman based in the Beverly Hills area.”

That’s a weak way of saying that Gores and his equally wealthy brother were involved in a love triangle that became embarrassingly public.

Even so, SDCERA found no evidence that media publicity affected investment performance of Gores’ funds.

Alec Gores is the older brother of Tom Gores, who owns the San Diego Union-Tribune through his separate private equity fund, Platinum Equity.

Tom Gores

In December 2000, Alec Gores grew suspicious that his then wife, Lisa, was having an affair with brother Tom and hired Los Angeles detective Anthony Pellicano to find out.

The detective staked out a tryst at the Beverly Hills Hotel and wiretapped a nervous phone call between the two lovers, which was played for jurors at Pellicano’s 2008 trial. Here’s Allison Hope Weiner’s Huffington Post coverage of the trial.

Gores reports no known investments with major operations in San Diego County. That’s true, in so far it goes. Gores sold off his holdings in Aonix, a San Diego software firm, a few years ago.

But kudos to the fund for making this information public ahead of time. A refreshing change.