Brent Wilkes Is Unjailable

This week, a federal judge ordered Cunningham briber Brent “The Enigma” Wilkes to go to jail, but once again Wilkes remains a free man while he appeals his case.

At this point, it’s a pretty safe bet that Randy “Duke” Cunningham, sentenced to more than eight years in prison, will be released from prison later this year to begin his new life in a cabin in the Ozarks before Wilkes really has to make sure he never, ever drops the soap in the prison shower.

Judge Larry Burns sentenced Wilkes to 12 years in prison back in February 2008. He served a few months and then the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals freed him on bail so he go off and play poker and steal from his employee pension funds to pay his living expenses.

Enough is enough, prosecutors said. But for those who now how to manipulate it, the justice system serves to delay and mitigate punishment rather than deal it out.

So it’s become a sad, familiar pattern for Brent-o:

He gamed the system as a defense contractor sucking on the taxpayer’s teat and flying around in private jets with the help of Randy “Duke” Cunningham, a congressman he corrupted with hookers, lavish vacations, and Hawaii scuba trips.

Today, a team of court-appointed (read: taxpayer funded) team of attorneys are delaying his day of reckoning, essentially buying Wilkes freedom with money lifted from the pockets of his victims.

It’s really just another form of welfare, but Wilkes is the worst kind of welfare bitch: a man who espoused a Republican ideology that sneered at big government and “socialism” and wrapped itself red, white and blue fantasies of a country that no longer exists, if it ever did, where the playing field was level, the rules were fair and hard work and determination won the day.

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  1. Tim

    Having had a first had knowledge of this person….none of this comes as a surprise. However, what is clear is the problems illuminated by the gamesmanship by which he has played the “system” and how revealingly broken our judicial system is. Anyone who knows this individual also knows that he is laughing at the farcical parade of “justice” and that he fully expects to never see another day in custody. What suprises me the most is that he has remained “in country”, which clearly must be the magnetic pull of a Family…..traits which this person never before exhibited. Last, this person is also laughing at the use of Public Money for his own defense while he comfortable expects to access millions of Dollars gained through his illegal enterprise, stored safely off shore, once this charade of Justice is completed and he is freed.
    Proving, once again, that money and or gamesmanship can trump justice in America…..and the public servants, hired custodians of the public trust…….will both allow it and be suspiciously compliancent.

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