Rhetoric of Rage: Limbaugh + North Korea

“We’re becoming like North Korea,” is something you often hear on talk radio in the United States.

The conservatives who dominate the AM airwaves are, of course, referring to the Democratic administration of President Obama.

To me, however, these fire-breathing conservatives echo the incendiary rhetoric issued daily by the Korean Central News Agency of DPRK, the official state news agency of the communist dictatorship:

  • North Korea: “The present approach of the Japanese government towards the past crimes is very prejudiced, narrow-minded and wicked.”
  • Rush Limbaugh: “This is a diabolical intricately woven web of deceit that is being executed and woven here, and you have been sucked right into it.”
  • North Korea: “The plan is a despicable product of the anti-DPRK policy pursued by the above-said forces that are running amuck (sic) with bloodshot eyes to find a pretext for a war of aggression on the DPRK and an extension of their strategy for a war against it.”
  • Rush Limbaugh: “The American people are being awakened, and they’re being awakened because they are finally seeing the real Barack Obama, and it’s nothing like the man they thought they elected. This is an utter, cold, mean-spirited partisan liar.”
  • North Korea: “The imperialists are driven into an uncontrollable crisis at present and the fact that the popular masses are getting awakened in a revolutionary manner is a clear proof that the doom of imperialism is coming nearer.”
  • Rush Limbaugh: “Whether Obama is diabolical, deceitful or just plainly incompetent doesn’t matter. The end result is the same: rotten.”
  • North Korea: “The U.S., in particular, is whipping together pro-American conservative forces forsaken by history in a desperate bid to help them wrest ‘power’ through the forthcoming ‘presidential election’ at any cost and thus tide over the crisis of its colonial rule and revive the rotten politics.”

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