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My piece last week on the “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War with the West” DVD that was handed out in political swing states a month before the election provoked some interest here and a car bulgariaТюмень ландшафт The Guardian, based in London, quoted me as saying:

“Clarion was thinking of more creative ways to use newspapers than newspapers were,” Seth Hettena, a reporter who investigated the film for the Columbia Journalism Review, said.

Hettena described the free DVDs as “fall[ing] into a grey area, at the very least”. He cited the timing of the newspaper adverts, their distribution to 14 US states where voters are split on the presidential race, and Clarion’s ability to keep its donors secret under the tax laws.

The Altantic Monthly’s Jeffrey Goldberg said that Aish HaTorah, the group behind “Obsession,” is “just about the most fundamentalist movement in Judaism today.”

I actually have another idea for a film: I would call it “Obsession” as well, but it would be about the poor souls who believe that Obama is a radical Muslim, that Israel has a right to expel Arabs from its lands, and that America should declare war on all of Islam.

Who paid to distribute 22 million copies of “Obsession” via newspaper? We still don’t know.

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