Duke Cunningham, Mike Aguirre and Sign On radio

I was on Chris Reed’s radio show on Sign On Radio this morning, an Internet radio station run by the San Diego Union-Tribune. Chris is an editorial writer and blogger at the San Diego Union-Tribune.

We started talking about Randy “Duke” Cunningham’s request for a commutation, but then Chris asked me about a piece I wrote back in February on San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

That piece caused a bit of a stir, I guess, because I asked a question that nobody else was asking. Aguirre, our elected city attorney, called the mayor “schizophrenic” and told a San Diego Union-Tribune that he was “pathological.”

That struck me as odd because many people say privately that Aguirre is the one with mental problems. But if you, as a reporter, raised this issue, Aguirre suddenly got defensive. Or hinted at forces out to stop him. Or wrote a letter to your editor telling you to get out of the office more.

Then today I spotted news that Aguirre’s brother, a wealthy attorney, is working as an “unpaid intern.” Double the fun!

I voted for Aguirre because I thought we needed someone to shake things up in paradise or Enron-by-the-sea as The New York Times called us.

I just don’t like bullies.

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