April Boring


I live in San Diego City Council District 7 and I just got a mailer from the GOP candidate April Boling. Or as she calls herself, “April Boling, CPA.”

I like the quote on the back of the mailer so much that I clipped it out and pinned it on my wall:

 “Some people think I’m a little boring, and maybe I am. After all the fiscal and ethical problems at City Hall, maybe a little boring wouldn’t be so bad.”    

Can you imagine her victory speech? “Did you know that the Aleutian word for thank you is “qagaasakuq.” But enough frivolity. Now, because it is past my bedtime. I must retire.”

But things are in such a state in San Diego, this approach might work in a race for an open council seat.

Boling’s opponent is former TV reporter Marti Emerald. I interviewed Emerald, a Democrat, for a column I wrote a while back.

The mailer from the Boling campaign has this quote about Marti:

 “Where was Marti when City Hall was falling apart? Investigating how to get the best deals at local garage sales or where to get the best cup of joe in San Diego.”    

That, my friends, is media criticism.