1. Catherine Rustagi

    I always look forward to your posts and read them right away! Please keep posting and keep me on your list. I respect your research and your point of view. I, too, am busy with a guide to the times — a who’s who in recent Russian history and Trump’s world. A quick reference guide to all these very complex stories– I’m a retired reference librarian. I’m so pleased with the latest indictment of Kilimnik, whose identity and circumstances have been publicly available for over a year. I cannot understand why there are no headlines about finding the real spy in Trump’s campaign. Thank you for your wonderful book. I read it and refer to it every day. I hope others do too.

  2. Catherine Rustagi

    I love your book and find it so helpful. In fact, I refer to it often. I would appreciate any updates from you. I do not have a website yet.

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