Fitness in 100 words

I’ve been getting way into fitness lately. Here’s what I’ve learned so far in about 100 words:

  1. You can change your life without changing your body. But not the other way around.
  2. You don’t need strength until you realize you don’t have it and you wish you did.
  3. Eat food that comes from living things.
  4. Don’t copy people in the gym. Most don’t know what they’re doing.
  5. Don’t just sit there.
  6. Fitness is strength, yes, but it’s also balance, flexibility, agility, power and endurance.
  7. There is no substitute for hard work.
  8. True fitness is beautiful movement. See gymnastics, dancing and martial arts.
  9. If your core is weak, you’re weak.
  10. Avoid routine. Try everything.

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