Not Funny, Your Honor

The Recorder:

A San Diego judge has been charged with willful misconduct for allegedly videotaping courtroom proceedings to promote herself for a role on a TV show starring a judge.

The Commission on Judicial Performance cited dozens of remarks Judge DeAnn Salcido made, both on film and off, that suggest she was channeling an off-color Judge Judy.

According to the CJP, Salcido had her bailiff’s husband videotape her on the bench presiding over various matters for about an hour back in 2009.

The notice of formal proceedings against her cites an e-mail message from the judge to an entertainment lawyer saying she had been “setting my more interesting defendants and those with substance abuse issues” for a certain day she suggested would be best for filming. …

Salcido repeatedly got participation from her courtroom audience — once having them say “woo woo woo” after accusing a defendant of being high on marijuana.

When one woman admitted to an alcohol and drug use problem, specifically a penchant for vodka, the judge got laughs from the gallery by referencing the Jamie Foxx song by saying, “Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol.”

She told another defendant “they might like your smile in jail,” and on another occasion, told a man she placed on probation: “What that means is don’t come before the court on another case … ’cause you will definitely be screwed and we don’t offer Vaseline for that.” …

Salcido’s statement.

Notice of formal proceedings.

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