Ex-NYMet Kevin Mitchell Owes $5m in Taxes

The San Diego Business Journal notes that outfielder Kevin D. Mitchell, the 1989 National League MVP,  is No. 6 on the state’s list of the biggest tax debtors.

California says that Mitchell, a San Diego native, owes $5,184,641.51 in taxes.

Mitchell was drafted by the the Mets in the 1980s and was a member of the 1986 world championship team. He spent half a season with his hometown Padres before being traded to the Giants. In 1989, he made this legendary catch.

Mitchell was notorious for his off-the-field behavior. Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden wrote in his 1999 autobiography, Heat, that he witnessed Mitchell decapitate his girlfriend’s cat with a 12-inch knife. Mitchell denied it.

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