Wade and Congress

Repeating something I posted here last year. In a court affidavit (pdf), the FBI cited a document from Mitch Wade’s company, MZM Inc., that bragged of all the firm had done for a CIFA, the brand-new Counterintelligence Field Activity:

Wade boasted in 2002 that he could deliver money to CIFA from Cunningham and his other buddies in Congress (without mentioning that the money then came back to Wade in the form of contracts).

In a Nov. 8, 2002 presentation entitled “Benefits to CIFA from Congressional Mandates Initiative Support,” Wade trumpeted one item: “Delivery of over $67.62M in the last three fiscal years over budget – no other entity within the CIFA family has accomplished this task.”

On a page entitled “Election Impact on Congressional Mandates,” Wade wrote listed a number of politicians. The list included Randy “Duke” Cunningham, Duncan Hunter, Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Speaker Denny Hastert, Jerry Lewis, Allan Mollohan, John Murtha, David Weldon, and Bill Young; Senators Robert Byrd, Larry Craig, Orin Hatch, Daniel Inouye, Trent Lott, Jay Rockefeller, and Richard Shelby.

At the bottom, Wade wrote “Election enchanced MZM Inc….Thus CIFA position.”

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