McCain in San Diego: "Washington changed us."

John McCain stopped in San Diego tonight for a fundraiser and reminded us of our major contribution to Washington politics in the past 20 years, the most corrupt congressman ever.

From the Union-Tribune:

“We came to Washington and gained a majority to change Washington and Washington changed us,” said the Arizona senator, who will officially claim the Republican presidential nomination next week. “We let spending get completely out of control.”

Without mentioning Cunningham by name, McCain alluded to the former Rancho Santa Fe Republican congressman who was driven from office in 2006 by a massive bribery scandal.

“I don’t use the word corruption lightly,” he said. “We have former members of Congress residing in prison, and it’s because of this practice of earmarks. And it’s going to stop.”

ABC News reports that McCain is preparing to ramp up attacks on Obama contributor Tony Rezko. Mentioning Cunningham will probably go over like warm champagne with McCain’s moneybags at The Grand Del Mar, but at least somebody’s talking about corruption in Washington. About damn time!

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