The Candidate Who Wasn't

The Delicia Holt story keeps getting better!!!

Delicia may or may not be a candidate for Congress in my district (California’s 53rd) who sells “youth juice” on her website. She says she’s raised nearly a quarter million dollars but her name isn’t on the ballot.

She has posted the answers to all 36 questions she received from Martin Wisckol, a reporter at the OC Register, who has been asking questions about Delicia because our local scribes are too busy sending out resumes.

Here answers are just…Well, see for yourself. (The site is found here.)

Q. Is it true and accurate that you raised $216,778 from donors as documented on your FEC documents?

A. Over the years and all of which will be used for my campaign in 2010 as has been fully noted on my website and we sent out press releases to certain organizations when that decision was made.

Translation: I’ve raised tens of dollars for my campaign.

Q. I wrote all 217 of your donors at the addresses listed on the FEC documents, inquiring about their support for your campaign. None responded that they had given you money. Eight responded that they definitely had not given you money. Can you explain this discrepancy?

A. I believe everyone has the right to privacy and I respect that right.

Translation: I’m preparing for office by swindling voters before I get elected.

Q. Where are you keeping the balance — $239,476 according to your FEC forms – of your contributions?

A. in a bank, which with the closure of the recent banks may not be the wisest decision.

Translation: It’s in my closet.

Q. Are you aware that the Orange County District Attorney’s Office is investigating your real estate dealings?

A. No, but I am not hard to locate, so if they need access to me they know where to find me, especially since I have interviewed for positions in their office.

Translation: Delicia who?

Q. Is there anything else you can say to help explain the concerns raised in any of  the above questions?

A. Approximately a month or so ago, I spoke to (conservative talk show host) Roger (Hedgecock) and he told me to “watch my back”. I guess he knows how cruel people can be to one another, better than anyone.  I was also told that sometimes people strike at others when they are attempting to deflect scrutiny of themselves.  I have faith that no matter what people attempt to do to discredit me and my efforts, which no man can be against me, as long as God is for me!

Translation: Spoken like a true politician!

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  1. Michael T Stith

    She just stole almost 10K from me and cost me even more by not completing the task she was hired to do. She won’t return emails or calls. She deserves to be locked up and homeless living on 7th street in la and forbidden to ever touch a computer.

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