Pardon Me!

Seems like Brent Wilkes isn’t the only one who wants out of jail.  The New York Times reports that Duke is seeking a pardon from President Bush:

In addition, prominent federal inmates are asking Mr. Bush to commute their sentences. Among them are Randy Cunningham, the former Republican congressman from California; Edwin W. Edwards, a former Democratic governor of Louisiana; John Walker Lindh, the so-called American Taliban; and Marion Jones, the former Olympic sprinter.

The requests are adding to a backlog of nearly 2,300 pending petitions, most from “ordinary people who committed garden-variety crimes,” said Margaret Colgate Love, a clemency lawyer.

In 2002, when Duke was in Congress, he tried to get a pardon for Tommy K., the Greek businessman and convicted felon who had purchased the honorable gentleman’s yacht. Today, the 66-year-old Cunningham is in a federal prison “camp” in Tuscon with an expected release date of 2013.

Jimmy Hoffa, Richard Nixon, Marc Rich, Patty Hearst all got pardons, so maybe Duke’s got a shot.