Brent Wilkes' Secret Admirer

So, a secret admirer of Brent Wilkes wants to help him get out of prison.

The former defense contractor was sentenced in February to 12 years for bribing former Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham with hookers, cash, and meals at DC’s Capital Grille. But Wilkes has been eating daily specials at Terminal Island FCI in San Pedro because he can’t come up with $1.4 million in collateral to secure relase.

A few days ago, his attorney said that some unnamed person was willing to bail Wilkes out, but only if he or she can shield their identity from everyone but Judge Larry Burns. Mr. or Mrs. X was concerned that public disclosure would impact his or her ability to make a living.

This seems a bit odd. If you can plunk down the couple hundred Gs Wilkes needs (his family has pledged the rest) your livelihood would seem to be fairly secure, no?

Not surprisingly, prosecutors don’t like this. According to them, Wilkes has misled the court with “false affidavits and questionable dealings” over his assets:

…the government believes that the sealing of traditionally open proceedings, which may prove crucial to securing the defendant’s release, will only raise the specter of undue influence and favoritism being exercised on behalf of a formerly well-heeled, white collar criminal that would not be afforded to his less-advantaged fellow felons.

The government only likes secrecy when it suits its own interests. Prosecutors bent over backward for fellow Cunningham briber Tommy K., who pleaded guilty in a secret hearing and then flew off to stay at a 5-star hotel in Greece.  We still don’t know why that happened because … the government is still keeping secrets!

A hearing is set for later this month. I think Wilkes will be wearing his jumpsuit and plastic sandals for a while longer. Judge Burns doesn’t seem to like Wilkes very much. Burns said he “doubts Mr. Wilkes’ trustworthiness” because Wilkes testified he had never seen the prostitute who screwed him in Hawaii. Twice.