Prouder than ever? "Let's get naked!"

So what do you do when your university is the subject of one of, if not the biggest campus drug raid ever. Tell everyone how proud you are?

That’s the response of San Diego State University, after an undercover drug sting on frat row led to last month’s arrest of dozens of students.

It’s clear the university has a drug problem. I spent the past few months teaching journalism at SDSU. Before the raids, several students wrote stories about drugs on campus — the ever-present smell of pot in the dorms, cocaine use in sororities, and a touching story about a young SDSU student who overdosed. (Interestingly, after the raids, my students were surprised at the frats that were busted. The ones they said had the real reputation for drugs weren’t caught.)

SDSU’s response has been, well, to pat itself on the back. The school is running public service announcements on its public radio station, KPBS, that feature well-known coaches, alumni and staff talking about how proud they are of SDSU. Here’s a taste. Of course, Tony Gwynn, Steve Fisher and the others don’t explain why they’re prouder than ever of SDSU right now.

No wonder the school has a drug problem. The administration is behaving like a bad parent, putting a happy face on an ugly problem.

The school has condoned the wild parties that SDSU has long been famous for. Playboy, consistently ranks SDSU on its annual lists of top party schools.

Here are SDSU students doing what they do best at a Playboy-hosted party:

This video, by the way, which features lesbian kissing and a woman shouting “Let’s get naked!” was uploaded to YouTube May 25, 2008 — several weeks AFTER the raid.

Playboy has no problem convincing young SDSU students to shed their clothes for the camera. Miss May 2006 was an SDSU grad student. Each year, the magazine also attracts throngs of young women when it comes to campus scouting for new, young nubile bodies to feature in the magazine. Jenae Nicole, the blond SDSU Playmate at left in the photo, told The Daily Aztec that she got to represent the school she sees as top-10 party school material:

“I think it’s just a great place to get an education and balance a great social life at the same time,” Nicole said. “It’s the best of both worlds; that’s why it’s such an awesome school.”

She must be prouder than ever.