Ladies and gentlemen, the defense

Almost every day, Brent Wilkes’ defense attorney, Mark Geragos, has been complaining about how hard he’s been working on his client’s defense. Your honor I was up till two in the morning last night. Your honor I need another day to prepare. Your honor, the prosecution dumped all these documents on me. And so on.

The prosecution wrapped up its case on Wednesday. The judge made it clear that Geragos had to start his defense the following day. So what was he doing the night before?

Talking to Dr. Phil about how to defend accused child rapist Chester Stiles, WHO’S NOT EVEN HIS CLIENT. See for yourself:


And I thought I heard him say during jury selection how seriously he takes the responsibility of having a man’s life in his hands. Wilkes is facing 14 counts of money laundering, fraud, conspiracy, and bribery. C’mon, Mark! Brent, are you reading this?

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